We are honored that you have chosen or chose to defend our country and our freedom for us.  
Thank you for your service!

If you are serving or have served in any branch of the military, for any amount of time, please email: 1) a photo of you in your uniform, 2) branch of service, 3) title, 4) length of service, 5) any additional details you can provide about your military career to


Billy has served 31 years in the Navy.  He is currently a trauma surgeon at the National Naval Medical Center which just merged with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.



Shelby joined the U.S. Air Force on December 18, 1971 and got out on November 18, 1981.   He went on to serve as a consultant to the U.S. Air Force, NSA and CIA from 1981 – 1998.


1) Lackland AFB – San Antonio 1971 Basic Training

2) Keesler AFB – Biloxi, MS Feb 1972 – Aug 1972 Electronic Training

3) Randolph AFB – Universal City, TX (just outside San Antonio) 12 Fighter Training Wing (Aug 1972 – June 1976 with a few Temporary Duty assignments along the way)

4) Eielson AFB – 26 miles outside Fairbanks, AK 6th Strategic Wing June 1976 – September 1981 (flying Recon out of Shemya AS, AK 2 weeks out of every 6) Shemya is 150 miles from the USSR

5) Offutt AFB – Bellevue, NE November 1981 – October 1982 (contractor for USAF

6) Kadena AFB – Okinawa Japan October 1982 – June 1985 (contractor for USAF

7) Offutt AFB – Bellevue, NE June 1985 – October 1986 (contractor for USAF

8) Templehof AFB (Marienfelde AS) – Berlin Germany (behind the Iron Curtain) October 1986 – June 1991 (contractor for NSA/CIA)


Temporary duty to Viet Nam, Thailand, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Menwith Hill England, Turkey, Diego Garcia, Philippines, Pago-Pago and a few more that are classified


During his time in Berlin, he had the high honor of personally briefing President Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush on their mission.  He also briefed every Space Shuttle astronaut during the 1986-1991period.  During the same time, he was privileged to brief Vice Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Secretary of the Defense and Air Force, Chief Scientist of the Air Force, tons of Generals including one time where he briefed 4 with a total of 15 stars between them, foreign dignitaries and every fighter pilot who flew for NATO during that period.  His assignments were so much fun that Shelby said he would have paid them to allow him to be there.   His projects were called by strange and mysterious names like Comfy Diamond, Comfy Harvest and Senior Fire. The aircraft he worked with were called Rivet Joint, Cobra Ball, Cobra Eye, Cobra X, Rivet Amber, Compass Call, Combat Sent and so many more.  He also worked on just about everything the Air Force flew during his years in service.


Bob spent his 19th birthday at Lackland Air Force Base in Squad 1356 BMTS.  He was the Dorm Chief and had a Top Secret Security Clearance with a background investigation.  He was stationed at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia and was named Airman of the Month in May 1973 and Airman of the Quarter in 2nd Quarter 1973. 

Branch:     US Air Force
Rank:        E-3 Sergeant
Service:     4 years

Highlights:  Doug joined the USAF on the buddy system with Bob Strittmatter and they shared basic training together at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.  Doug was a medical lab technician and served in the Air Force R&D Division at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Rick was commissioned 2 Lt USAF in 1974.  For the next 7 years, he flew B-52s on long missions out of Michigan, South Dakota and Guam.  One mission lasted over 30 hours with 4 in-flight air refuelings.  His two years in Guam were great, were he had his own private beach and became certified as an open-water diver.  The next 4 years, Rick spent in the Air Force in Mississippi as a T-38 (supersonic trainer) instructor.

Jose served in the USAF for 20 years and 5 months until his retirement on December 1, 1990.  During his tour of duty, Jose was deployed to Thailand, Korea, Alaska, Japan, Hawaii, Taiwan, Texas, California and the Republic of Panama.  From 1986 to 1988, Jose was  a course writer/instructor at the Inter American Air Force Academy in the Republic of Panama preparing training programs to students from South and Central America and presenting briefs in Spanish to visiting VIPs and then from 1988 until his retirement from the Air Force, Jose was the Training Manager at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.
  1. 1979 - Joined the US ARMY.
  2. 1979 - Basic Training and AIT of Field Artillery.
  3. 1979 - After AIT, Clark was assigned to Pershing Missile Crewman.
  4. 1980 - Assigned to War Head Detachment in Gunzburg, Germany as PVT.
  5. 1982 - Ft Sill, OK Pershing Missile Crewman PVT 1st Class E-3 then E-4.
  6. 1983 - 1985 - Heilbronn, Germany Pershing Missiles with Live Fire in Florida, USA and in Dugway, Utah prior to returning to Germany.
  7. 1986 - 1989 - New Ulm & Augsburg & Heilbronn, Germany Pershing Missiles SGT E-5, USSR INF Treaty Inspection of Nuclear Warheads 1 week. 
  8. 1991 - Bamburg, Germany MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) Gunner and Section Chief Launcher.
  9. 1991 - 1992 Gulf War Kuwait 158th Field Artillery.
  10. 1992-1994 - Back to Bamburg, Germany SSG E-6.
  11. 1994-2006 - Oklahoma National Guard 1/158th Field Artillery 45th Infantry Div.
  12. 2005 - While in US Army National Guard, Clark was assigned to cover Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA.
  13. 2006 - While in US Army National Guard, Clark was assigned to Border Patrol Duties Playas, New Mexico, USA.
  14. 2006- Retired from Active Duty and National Guard US Army SFC E-7

MISC:  During Clark’s tenure in the US Army, Clark held Top Secret and Crypto security clearances.

After retiring from military duty, Clark served in the following capacities:

2006 - 2014 - Worked as Deputy Sheriff at the Grady County Sheriff Department and assigned as a Jailer and Transport Officer at the Grady County Law Enforcement Center where Clark transported and monitored prisoners for the US Marshall.

2014 – Clark retired from all jobs and is enjoying retirement.